Fitness is Not Fun

So I’m entering my fourth month of living in Chicago and slowly growing sicker and sicker of the endless winter by the day.  Thank god for George R. R. Martin for at least creating a vivid fantasy world in which I can pretend this endless winter is legit, and that I have to protect my country from those mysterious demons that dwell beyond the wall of ice, and stuff like that.  At least in that scenario, the ice is protecting me from unknown evils instead of just bugging the crap out of me.

First of all, there are no hills to sled down in the midwest so snow is COMPLETELY pointless.  Also, for some reason nobody in Chicago shovels their sidewalks, including businesses.  Why.  Why.  Rude.  So anyway, three months has been about how long it’s taken for the magic of a new city to wear off and for me to start to grow disgruntled.  Because of this, February is Operation: Make Friends and Do Stuff Month.  I started by signing up for dance classes, because that’s what I do when I’m in a new place.

I found an adult ‘dance fitness’ studio a block north of where I work, so I signed up for their $100/month unlimited class new member special.  So far, I’ve taken one hip-hop class and my body is reacting violently to the athletic movements I’m asking of it.  I was really hoping for something like a choreography class, but it was super cardio-y and we had to do jumping jacks and push-ups and just all of these things that I have not asked of any muscle group in at least a year, probably more.

So, I was originally signed up for a cardio class tonight, a Zumba class tomorrow, and another hip-hop/jazz-y class on Thursday but I had to cancel my cardio class tonight because I will collapse into a pile of twigs if I don’t give my body the time to get its lactic acid under control.  Pros of this place: everyone is around my age (maybe they could be my friends??), if the one class I’ve taken is a representative sample then the classes overall are fun and challenging, and it’s super conveniently located.  Only con: it’s pretty pricey.  I feel like if I’m going to be paying around $100/month for what are essentially specialized fitness classes, I could probably go get a gym membership and take their group classes and get a bunch of bonus services (like spa access, indoor/outdoor pool at a few, and…I dunno I guess some workout machines or whatever.)

I am definitely going to continue getting my money’s worth out of this $100 all-access pass and see if future classes change my perspective at all.  Just as soon as I’m able to lift my arms above my head without wincing….