Quotation Labs Launch!

Hello there,

This first post is making me a bit nervous because I feel like I’m trying to sum up the future without knowing anything about what’s going to happen!  An impossible task that certainly will not be accomplished through a blog post.  I suppose I should stop worrying.

Anyways, I will lay out my planned post schedule and tell you a bit about myself and what I hope to get out of this blog as a structure to start with.

Who Am I?

I’m Maddie.  As the description bar states, I am a twentysomething living in Chicago and trying my hand at figuring out how to keep myself happy and entertained in a place where it is currently -6 degrees and I know very few people.  I’m a daycare teacher studying to be an elementary school teacher and I spend lots of time reading books, sitting under my heated blanket wishing it was warmer, trying to make the spaces I occupy beautiful and efficient, and doing craft projects both by myself and with the students at work.

My Plan

I plan to post on a regular schedule so that I and everyone else can keep track of what is going on.  I do best on schedules.  Schedules are my very good friends.

Monday:  Lifestyle (What am I up to?  What am I doing?  Why?)

Tuesday: Beauty Post (I am attracted to the ue/eau semi-alliteration in Tuesday and Beauty, FYI)

Wednesday: Weekly Project (again with the alliteration, obviously)

Friday:  Student Craft Roundup (projects I did with the elementary school kids during the week at work)

Saturday: Organization Day (tidy up after the squalor of the work week)


Why is this suddenly structured like a five-paragraph English essay?  I don’t know.  Onward!